Early 1964 - Pattie Boyd by her boyfriend Eric Swayne
I took this picture from the Facebook fanpage: PATTIE BOYD: Something in the way Layla moves …but the original source is: 1suitcase Tumblr blog
— George Harrison (via superschneewitschen)

George & Pattie (1969)
Photo by Chris Bott/Source : Corbis Images

George and Pattie, Kinfauns, 1967.
Paul McCartney. Anthology source : The Beatles Bible (via george-harrison-marwa-blues)

Scala Theatre - Colorized
On March 25, 26, & 30, 1964 filming for A Hard Day’s Night moved to the Scala Theatre. Sitting together in the near empty theatre watching the action were Astrid Kirchherr (the Beatles long time friend from Hamburg), Maureen Cox (steady girlfriend of Ringo Starr from Liverpool) and Pattie Boyd (who had recently completed filming her small part in the movie and was dating George nearly every night!). Photographed by Max Scheler.

Pattie Boyd